tif (teacher initiated funds)


TIF (Teachers Initiated Funds)
Shall provide representation with appointed district members to collaboratively decide on approving conferences and workshops for bargaining unit members to attend for the purpose of professional growth. Shall communicate to the Board of Directors and Rep Council how the fund is being used and how many applications are approved.

Tisha Curry

Teacher Initiated Professional Growth Fund
The Teacher Initiated Professional Growth Fund (TIF for short) provides funding for certificated bargaining unit members for the purpose of professional growth.

Who Can Apply?
All OMSD certified bargaining unit members are eligible to apply for funding through the Teacher Initiated Professional Growth Committee. Unit members on temporary status should note this on their applications.

What Can Be Funded?
Teachers may apply to use TIF funds by contacting Veronica Bucheli.

The TIF fund is designed to work in conjunction with other funding sources to serve as many certificated employees as possible. Use of other applicable funding sources (Categorical, GATE, Special Education, site funds, CTA grants and scholarships, etc.) where appropriate is encouraged.

Application Timelines
Applicants have 2 choices for funding the activity either as a Purchase Order, fees are paid in advance by the district, or reimbursement to the applicant after attending the event. The committee will meet by the 25th of each month to review application requests for the upcoming month. Applicants for funding will receive notification of the status of their application from the committee following its monthly meeting.

Purchase Order Timeline
If you intend to have costs paid through the Purchase Order process you should submit the required paperwork at least 3 months in advance of the event.

Submitting Your Application
Submit your application and other requested forms to the District Office Attn: Veronica Bucheli through regular mail or district mail.

After Attending a Conference
In order to receive reimbursement for expenses not paid in advance you must submit district form Certification of Expenses along with an itemized receipt showing it has been paid.

Reimbursement Timeline
Unit members who will pay the costs upfront can be reimbursed for their approved expenses following attendance of the conference. You must submit your request for reimbursement within 10 days after the conference.

Tips For Completing Your Application
Begin by completing either the “Request to Attend Conference” form (District form #6957). Applications can be sent through district mail to Veronica Bucheli.
* Complete all applicable sections of the application.
* If you are not sure of an amount, estimate as accurately as possible. You will not be reimbursed for costs not submitted at the time of approval. You will need to contact your hotel, if lodging is requested, to find out the total of all fees and taxes.
* Submit a copy of the conference brochure that indicates all fees for attendance and meals included in the conference price.
* Reserve your sub with AESOP, as soon as possible. If your application is not approved, you can cancel your sub without any penalty.
* Do not wait for approval to reserve your sub.
* Itemized receipts for all credit card and cash payments are required for reimbursement of all conference related expenses. Please be sure your receipts show it is paid in full and there is not a balance owed or more documentation will be needed.
* Applicants requesting payment by purchase order should submit the application as soon as possible to allow for the maximum amount of time to review and submit to the Business Department upon approval.
* Temporary status teachers attending trainings after the contract year ends or before the new one begins need to be district employees before attending or costs will not be reimbursed.  

Follow-Up For Your Application:
If you have any questions about the review or approval of your application, feel free to contact an OMTA committee member, Tisha Curry (tisha.curry@omsd.net)

Program Checklist Do’s
* Submit your application as early as possible
* Submit an application for each person attending the event
* Verify costs such as taxes and other fees
* Notify the committee if you cannot attend the event after your application has been approved
* Submit copy of conference overview or registration page showing the cost of the conference

* Submit a partial application
* Assume an approval is valid if your employment status changes
* Add expenses after your application has been approved
* Don’t forget to submit reimbursement requests within 30 days of the last day of the event